A strangely common dental condition, crooked teeth aka malocclusions, knows no age barrier. From children, adolescents to adults, every year lakhs of people all over the country go through some or the other dental treatment to fix the issue of twisted teeth. Turning some interesting pages of history, crooked teeth reached epidemic proportions in the late 20th century stretching its wings to the present era.

Turns out that there are more than one reason behind the question as to why one might end up having such an orthodontic glitch, ranging from hilarious theories to logical scientific explanations. Genetics being one of the major branches of this banyan tree. Where some oral health experts believe that crooked teeth are result of constantly changing diets, others got a chance to debunk the theory by suggesting that there can be various reasons behind the misfortune of you carrying crooked teeth:

  • Genetics: It could be an inherited trait. Parents having similar issues are highly capable of sharing the same with their children, which is just another game of genetics like the colour of our eyes, eyes and even the shape of our nose. Not surprising at all!
  • Treatment Flaws: Poor result of dental treatments, like fillings and crowns can also cause crooked malocclusions. These cases are majorly noticed during the childhood years because that’s when the dental structure is developing. One wrong move can change the game completely. Hence, we should never take our dental treatments lightly. If not done rightly, one can suffer from a painful damage.
  • Timing: Early falling of teeth in childhood or gingivitis are one of the common reasons behind the same. It is also been explained that if a person’s jaw is too small to accommodate adult teeth, crooked teeth will be the most common result of it. This condition is hardly avoidable because that’s something people are born with him. However, early falling of teeth can be controlled up to a certain limit if a proper diet is maintained.
  • Habits: Sucking of thumb or fingers, and using pacifier, especially in the case of an infant, can be extremely fatal for dental health as they cause ripple effects which are only visible after a certain period of time. Dentists and orthodontists promote healthy oral hygiene habits because not paying proper attention to the gums and teeth can directly affect teeth growth.

One of the most common and traditional orthodontic solution to fixing crooked teeth is the use of braces. Modern braces are made up of materials that are more comfortable than they ever work, helping people to make their lives a little easier. With the help of continuous pressure, braces move teeth in a particular direction over a period of time. With the movement, the bones change shapes due to pressure.

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