No, don’t you roll your eyes- it’s time to talk about oral health! We have all heard, incessantly, about the necessity to brush our teeth and floss and meet the dentist regularly- but do any of us take oral health as seriously as we should? Keeping your mouth clean and disease free is important, and to reinforce to how exactly here are three reasons –

  • Your mouth mirrors the health of your body

A healthy mouth, is thus likely indicative of a healthy body. When your oral health is poor, it’s likely you have other health problems as well. Gum disease, when not addressed, lead to periodontitis and subsequent adult tooth loss. Malaligned and crowded teeth have greater propensity towards food lodgement and gum disease especially of the front teeth. In such cases while maintaining cleanliness is important, getting these teeth straightened/aligned by an orthodontist can provide a long term solution to keeping your teeth clean in the long run and maintain health and hygiene. It’s important to visit your dentist and hygienist because early detection can mean a lot of difference. Issues such as cavities, broken fillings and such can be easily treated when spotted early on- avoiding treatments like root canals and teeth removal, which may mean a whole host of complications. Bad oral hygiene results in a lot of diseases, we know this. But apart from life threatening Oral cancer, it has been found that there’s terrifying links between periodontal (gum related) diseases and health complications such as cardiac disease, kidney disease, diabetes, strokes and maternity issues. If you want to live a long healthy life free of illness, we suggest strongly that you do the works required to keep your mouth clean and well taken care of, as good oral health may as well prevent certain diseases from occurring altogether.

  • Look Good, Smell Good, Feel Good

Crooked teeth, misaligned jaws and other problems can be treated by orthodontic procedures, but even if your teeth are alright as they go, you can do your part to attend to dental care and in turn maintain your self esteem. Regular upkeep of your teeth keeps them sparkling white- and a winning smile is something everyone desires. This aside- bad breath has the potential to drive away acquaintances, potential customers, and make you socially anxious. Let’s face it, halitosis is a curse. An easy way to keep bad breath at bay is to treat your teeth right. Maintaining good oral standards of cleanliness by brushing your teeth carefully, cleaning your tongue, flossing, and washing it out between meals can make all the difference. Take serious care of your oral health, and your appearance and appeal will optimally follow.


  • Keep Your Chompers Happy


Teeth that are well shaped, cavity free, and generally healthy are able to do their job- chew. Good chewing means good breakdown of the food you are ingesting, which means proper nutrition. Proper nutrition which contributes greatly to overall health begins in your mouth, it’s important to remember that. Unhealthy teeth and gums can contribute to and be causative of severe pain syndromes, systemic conditions because of bacteria, and that make for very poor health indeed. A good bite is crucial to chewing functions. Consult with an orthodontist to make sure your bite is right. A correct bite enables efficient chewing,keeps your teeth and bone support intact in the long run and helps prevent temporomandibular(ear region) joint problems.

It is, thus, quite inevitable to take care of your mouth and oral health. Your dentist wasn’t exaggerating- brush well!