Dentists are right on top with other nightmares for little children- with their drilling machines and warnings against candy, and they just don’t seem to get the dental care they need in their early years. Most kids today aren’t seeing dentists until they are well over two years old- which though seems a daunting task, is actually much later than recommended! When it comes to getting your child’s teeth checked, it has to begin when the primary teeth start coming in, which is typically around 6 months of age. Apart from sneak previews and regular health check ups- a growing child’s shuddering apprehension to do with dentists comes from orthodontists- people who seem intent upon shoving braces into your mouth. Through orthodontic treatment however, many orofacial problems- appearance or otherwise, like crowded teeth, under or overbites, incorrect jaw positions and other disorders can find a fix.  

Age should not actually be a bar-because patients with orthodontic problems can benefit from treatment from any age. The ideal time to get your teeth checked for braces requirement is at 7 years of age when permanent teeth start erupting. A popular time for introduction of braces is however in the adolescent phase of 10 to 14 years of age- something hich may be met with much stubborn dissent! The head and mouth in this time are still growing, and the teeth also are more conducive to treatment and straightening. Placing metallic wires on a child’s teeth like that can often prove traumatising to them, but the best time remains these sensitive years- and of course, the results are always wonderful, be it correcting a problem or just achieving a great smile.

Braces can be metal or plastic in the most common form of brackets- but “invisible” wiring, lingual bands that are hidden from view are becoming increasingly popular in use. Straightening teeth can take a good while- 12-24 months in general, which is usually followed by wearing a retainer- so it’s better to have a good long chat with your child before introducing braces at the orthodontists to them, as its going to be an investment. Treatment, can be slightly uncomfortable in the first visit- as the interconnecting wires in braces are tightened at each visit, bearing mild pressure on the brackets that are meant to shift the problem teeth or jaws in the desired position.

Different patients- of different ages or issues, encounter varied usage and treatment plans, but getting braces is only beneficiary. If your young one is facing an orofacial or chewing problem, has malaligned or protruded teeth or if a winning smile is something you desire- get to an orthodontist at the earliest, you’ll only be thankful.

In terms of age-orthodontic treatment can be taken at any age as long as the bone is healthy but the earlier in life that one takes it up the faster the results will appear. Having said that people whove missed out on treatment in the early years can always take advantage of the treatment at any point in time. With the latest advances in invisible orthodontics even adults can take up this treatment without inhibition.