Invisible Braces – smile with braces – without showing them

Patented technology at the lowest cost

Worried about the hassles of wearing braces? While at first the idea of wearing braces does not seem to be a very pleasant one, invisible braces are here to get you the best of comfort and looks.

Invisible braces are a special orthodontic treatment that as the name suggests are hardly visible on your teeth. These are custom made to match the natural shape and curve of your teeth. You do not need to sport the traditional metal braces that draw unwanted attention, go for these much comfortable and aesthetically pleasing alternative.


Advantages of invisible braces –

  • The technology and the biomechanics makes most of the cases possible to treat with invisible braces without removal of teeth.
  • Completely invisible
  • Customised hence comfortable
  • Impairs speech for a very short duration
  • See your results as the teeth position improve (don’t wait for the braces to be removed for the results to be seen)
  • No ugly marks (in case of not maintaining during treatment) on the front of your teeth